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How to start an organic farming business

Fresh vegetables and fruits now many are suspected of being full of pesticides, peoples switch they mind to fast food which is not sure about the origin. Why should be switch to them if we can regenerate healthy vegetables rich in nutrients?

Actually, far away before discovery of synthetic chemical drugs and chemical fertilizer, a farmers have applied organic farming system. Nevertheles, along with time, introducing chemistry ingredients on farm field makes society competing to use pesticide compound than natural fertilizer for the sake of ultimate reason “more practice” to avoid that’s negative impact, needed organic farming movement.

The following we will explain to you how to start an organic farming business.

1. Land preparation

In order to organic farming running well, needed some lands which are free from chemisty syntetic drugs and also chemical fertilizer residue. Conventional land transfer process becomes organic farming land at least need 3 years time.

Neighbor’s land can also be the cause got hit organic farming land. It is could destroy our land caused by their chemistry substances which are they use with. The only way to avoid that, we recommend you to planting a hedges plant which functioned as chemical absorber and others pest distractions.

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